UNLV 1Fake ID Trainers will teach your employees a system to examining identification before making critical decisions that affect your business.

When an employee has a standard protocol to follow they are better able to filter out the distractions that can affect their decisions.  Underage kids and identity thieves rely on fake ID, distractions and lack of knowledge to get what they want.  This training can keep your business safe from loss and liability.




The training starts with a multi-step system to check identification.

  • Handling the ID for known tactile security features and known counterfeit signs

  • Observe the patron to match to the ID; signs of nervousness or intoxication

  • Asking questions to verify identity; possible intoxication

  • Examine ID for security features

  • Applying employer policies and law if patron is being declined

#3IDYour employees  must know how to contact a patron, examine an ID, apply employer policies and applicable law and make a critical decision within a professional and courteous framework.


Fake ID Trainers can make that happen

Adults learn differently from children.

Some people learn best by hearing, others by seeing and others by touching.  This training engages all three sensory skills to keep the students engaged and connected.




The students are able to compare  genuine and fake IDs, side-by-side, hear about the differences and handle real and fake to make the instruction as effective as possible.




Our training is customized for your staff and needs.  Classes vary in length based on the training you choose for your staff.  Hands-on training is also available with real and fake identifications.

All equipment needed to check ID’s are provided for participants to use while in class.  You can add the option of including the same equipment to be available for your staff to keep and use on the job.




Training Photo 2

Every state in the U.S. is now issuing ID’s that incorporate security features like: Micro-print, Holograms, Optical variables, Laser Perforations, Ultra violet inks, Kinograms.  There are also easily recognizable manufacturing characteristics inherent in counterfeit IDs.  It is not necessary to memorize the exact security features of each state.  We can teach you to how to find the security features of any ID, even if you’ve never seen it before.

From 10 to 100, we can customize a training that addresses your needs and staff.


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