Fake ID Trainers

In medieval times a walled city employed a gatekeeper at the gates to keep the city safe.

In your business any employee who verifies age or identity before serving alcohol, renting a car, cashing a check, renting an expensive piece of equipment or extending credit is your gatekeeper.  Shouldn’t that gatekeeper have training?

  • U.S. Driver LicensesPOST-Badge-II-300x225

  • Passports

  • Military

  • Immigration Cards

  • Foreign IDs

All have recognizable and reliable security features and manufacturing characteristics.  Learning the characteristics of a genuine ID is the foundation to recognizing fake ID.  Fake ID Trainers has access to every kind of ID and have thousands of IDs to compare.

We can bring this to you and your business in a training that is comprehensive, informative and engaging.